New February Dance Album Next Year?

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New February Dance Album Next Year? Empty New February Dance Album Next Year?

Post by PumpkinLumps on Thu Nov 12, 2015 12:00 pm

Tommy recently tweeted the following message:

Under Ground!😎
今日は3じのおやつタイムに映像編集スタジオでMV打ち合わせしてたよ😎来年リリースする #Tommyfebruary6 のDance ALのメインの曲が決まったからね😎hehe😎お菓子もでてきた😋💞#あげ

Google's translation seems to indicate that she's filmed or about to film a music video to be released next year for a forthcoming Tf6 dance album. Can anyone here translate the tweet? I would really love another dance album from her. TCSSM is one of my favorite of all her releases.


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