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Post by Kokoro on Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:59 am

I know about JUJU's cover of There will be love there and Daylight's cover of angel song.

I just found another covers.

Runa Miyoshida has covers of There will be love there, tsumetai hana and angel song.

FIRE DOG 69 has cover of There will be love there

Here is reggae cover of tsumetai hana.

Sentimental Scenery's cover of there will be love there

FINO's cover of the same song

Yoko Takase's cover

N.U.K.'s cover

One more cover

MI covered There will be love there

Tommy february6 covered ai no ai no hoshi and Tommy heavenly6 is going to release Ash Like Snow English cover xD

I can't find download links for all of that but MI's cover.

If you know other tbg covers, please share.

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