angel song ~multi-language ver.~, by myself

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angel song ~multi-language ver.~, by myself Empty angel song ~multi-language ver.~, by myself

Post by ThomasW on Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:53 pm

Guys, last year I wrote a portuguese/english version for "angel song" and I posted on a LJ Community, but I guess not many people actually listened to it...

So I'm posting here, if you wanna hear it!

The pitch of this song is not the most apropriated for me, but I hope you like the lyrics hehe

Here it is:
(you can stream it)

And the lyrics (with the translation for the portuguese part)

Eu ouço o sino tocando... a lua brilha no céu...
(I hear the bell ringing... the moon shines in the sky...)

As luzes se acendem e então, a mágica no ar, um brilho no olhar...
(The lights come and then... the magic in the air... a sparkle in my eyes...)

A neve já está caindo... e tudo branco vai ficar...
(The snow is already falling... and everything's gonna be white...)

Te olho e toco o seu rosto, você sorri pra mim... me abraça e enfim...
(I look at you and touch your face, you smile at me... you hold me and then...)

Ouço a canção... e só por uma vez... quero acreditar...
(I hear the song... and just for once... I wanna believe)

Que o Natal vai trazer pra mim, um alguém que eu possa amar e então eu
(That Christmas will bring me someone to love and then I)

Olho para o céu, e eu tento imaginar
(Look into the sky and I try to imagine)

Que esse alguém vai estar sempre aqui... é o melhor presente que eu posso ganhar...
(That this person will always be with me... it's the best gift I can ever get...)

Não vou desistir...
(I won't give up)

It's Christmas, and I am alone here... but I have to believe...
I'll send my letter to Santa... I have been a good boy... I think I deserve...

The angel song... whispering in my ear
All the memories are still here... aching in my chest...
I do my best not to let the snow melt away...
Walking in the town... I see lights all around...
It just makes me think it's not that bad... 'Cuz I know that in the end of the road
I'll see you there... I will hold you forever... yeah...

Kazu shirenu... (you know the rest... xD)

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angel song ~multi-language ver.~, by myself Empty Re: angel song ~multi-language ver.~, by myself

Post by Makii-chaan on Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:07 pm

Eu curti, a parte em português ficou ótima <3
O pessoal do forum deve estar boiando lendo isso @_@ anyways, queria ouvir o cover, mimimi ç_ç beijoos ;*

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