Brazil + Japan = TIGARAH

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Brazil + Japan = TIGARAH Empty Brazil + Japan = TIGARAH

Post by ThomasW on Mon Oct 05, 2009 11:36 pm

(I know I wrote a lot, but try to read it okay? xD)

Well, I guess most of you know I'm Brazilian, but I guess you don't know I'm half-Japanese.
That's why I think TIGARAH is a really interesting artist!

Here in Brazil we have this kind of music called "Baile Funk" or "Funk Carioca" ("carioca" means "from Rio de Janeiro" and "baile" means "party")
I actually hate it, because the lyrics are often offensive, violent and with extremely strong sexual themes. On the other hand, the rhythm is nice to dance to.

Then it comes TIGARAH. She's a Japanese singer who fell in love with Brazilian culture, so she took the "baile funk" to Japan!
Her lyrics are a waaaaay better than ours, they usually talk about mix of different cultures, politics or girl power.

Her first album was released early this year and it's called "The Funkeira goes BANG!" ("funkeira" means "baile funk girl")

The songs mix the traditional baile funk with electro and hip-hop. It's really catchy and "dance-y"

Here you can listen to her song "Girl Fight" that was featured on FIFA 07.

Some other of her songs were featured on FIFA 08, Need for Speed Carbon, The L Word and Numb3rs.

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