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Eden'sLotus goes Crazy

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Eden'sLotus goes Crazy Empty Eden'sLotus goes Crazy

Post by Synchronicity on Tue Jul 15, 2008 5:50 pm

Hello I'm Eden'sLotus A.K.A. ThrowingUpRainbows from the last forum. which died a slow and terrible death Sad

anyway I discovered Tommy through browsing Jpop videos on youtube, and came across tommy heavenly6 Heavy Starry chain (mind you that i already had Lonely in gorgeous cuz of Parakiss, but never really looked into Tommy February6) and I loved Tommy heavenly6 a ton! So i wikied her, and found out about all her forms. So i checked out more Feb, and Heav but ignored the Brilliant Green for a bit. When i really got turned on to them was when i decided to check out some of their music, and listened to "the angel song ~ivu no kane~" I feel in deep love with tommy after that. Then i proceeded to download everything by buri guri (I have no shame albino ) although now I but anything they release. And I'm proud to say that no matter how into other J-artists there's always a special place in my heart for Tommy. I mean you just can't pass up a good Heavy Starry Chain listen can you?

pirat cat albino cherry queen flower

that's fun.

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